07 March 2012

Round Two!

Hi everyone! Here are some more images that I thought were cool to add to my collection for this street art project!

The neatest door. Ever.
While walking around the city one week I found what I considered my favorite door in the city. Besides the fact that it related to my Street Art project, it was also simply.... YELLOW! However, after about two weeks of not walking by it habitually, I came to find an entirely different one in it's place! Same door, very different design.


Project Recyclable Plants...

And just when I thought I had seen it all, while walking through a corridor here in Bologna I found... a plastic bush! Eco-friendly and never needing water, someone had installed it as an art piece related to the nearby gallery.


Ingenious recycled cans used as place-holders at a local restaurant. This image and the second one, being a small flier, both show how sometimes all we need is a pen (or crayon) to make something uniquely ours. :)

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