04 March 2012

Art and Street Work from Italy

        Hi everyone! Some of the most amazing things that have caught my eye here in Italy include amazing street art and store decorations. The aspect that has become so fun to search for is finding just exactly where anyone can stick their art! Even advertisements in store windows and particular print styles on purses or backpacks add originality to something that is mass produced.

      Something that I am particularly interested in is how art can be used to advertise. Obviously, this happens evvvverywhere on Earth, but a lot of times we can find a really beautiful piece that we enjoy simply on its own... without needing to purchase anything. Bright colors often do the trick, but the most important thing is being creative enough to use them in new and original ways.

        While walking through the city, numerous store fronts and retractable doors have really amazing pieces of artwork painted on them. This clock, even though it stressed me out, was a really great find, and when walking around the city at the perfect time in the city, this door had been lowered while the other shops around remained open. Needless to say, it made for an awesome effect with this being the only piece of art standing out from graffiti along the street!

         The two images below were fun to take. Immediately looking at them while wandering around some store fronts, they were just objects set among others on display. The colorful, and beautiful backpack was with other school related objects, but this one was the only one with such vibrant colors and great design that I liked. Taking a picture of just the backpack, I realized that it changed the entire context of the image. The bag no longer looks like one small piece in a large display, but became a piece of art itself because I took interest in it as art. The same happened for the last image in this blog, advertising designer shoes in Via dell'Indipendenza. The attention of any viewer was mainly on the shoes displayed for sale, but while looking for something interesting to photograph, this advertisement ended up being amazing on it's own, especially with the looks on the young womens' faces. With big boots and earth-tone clothing the image itself was more tranquil than any of the various shoes on display; it was nice to see! 

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