11 February 2012

And then came the snow! ....and again....and again.


 Well it's about that time of year! Oh you know, that moment in the winter season where we barricade ourselves inside with blankets and hot chocolate while watching snow storms passing through. Ahem... reality check! Maybe that's what the lovely, and yes I mean truly lovely northern regions of Italy are used to, but for the majority of us Californian girls winter usually consists of rain here and there, while remembering to wear a good jacket in case of heavy winds. Does the rest of the world have the slightest clue as to what occurs once the college students of "The Golden State" find themselves in two or more feet of snow? It kind of goes like this...

-The initial reaction: "Oh my GOD, it's snowing!"
I have to text Julie, Larissa, Kevin, Kerrie, Sarah... I wonder if they've seen  that it's SNOWING!

-Snowball fights
-Teeth chattering
-Lack of suitable socks
-(Followed by) lack of suitable shoes
-Eating Snowflakes
-Slipping while getting up
-Watching out for yellow snow
-Scarf, glove, shoe and sock shopping
-Slipping, again.

Myself and three friends enjoying the Bologna snow, until Sarah had to leave us!

Icicles along la Fontana di Nettuno.

Our friend Nettuno (N-e-p-t-u-n-e [eng.]), covered in snow.

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