15 January 2012

Let's be (g)loverssss !!

               With the fast approach of snow-worthy temperatures and the definitive lack of amazing Italian hot chocolate in my hands, I think it's about time to do a little talking about GLOVES! I love them, all colors, cuts, lengths, they. are. amazing. Okay, I'll admit, most of the time I am a goofy sight walking around the city wearing only one glove as I attempt to text and change iPod songs at the same time with my other hand. This happens, I'll have you know, usually while avoiding falling icicles and practicing my Olympic cross-country ski runs. (Not really, but that's what it looks like as I slide all over our ice covered streets.) If you're interested in the new gloves with touch technology, which yes, seem interesting, I will happily shoo you away toward a Microsoft web page or other tech-savvy site. This space here is to be forever occupied by what I guess are now c-c-c-classic gloves, you know, the kind we take off when shaking someone's hand and never, ever put in the dryer. Besides, be honest with yourselves... struggling with putting them on and taking them off every five minutes is half of the fun. A dopo!


Leatherette Fingerless Gloves
Forever XXI Online

 2 Button Silk-Lined Gloves
 Saks Fifth Avenue Stores

Swirl Print Leather Gloves (So Amazing!)
Van Mildert Online Stores

Cream Colored Isotoner Gloves
Dillards Online Stores

Tirelessly Tasteless Cherry Red Gloves

Valentino Light Pink Gloves (With Bow Detail)

"Labour of Love" Purple Leather Gloves

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